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Albums (available on Apple Music,, CDBaby, and others)

Time Lingers. Full-length album featuring music of Composers Concordance (Boustead, Kaye, Cooper, Kostabi, Silverman, Jarvis, and Pritsker). Featuring

Lesi Mei on piano. Naxos Records. September 1, 2023


Unconditional (Original music by Joseph Waters. Featuring Rudy Alexander Giron, voice; Antonina Styczén, flute; Todd Rewoldt, saxophone; and Geoffrey Burleson, piano). Carrotwood Records. March 2023.


Duets for the End of The World. Full-length album featuring pandemic-inspired originals for alto saxophone and electric guitarist/composer/DJ Gene Pritsker. Naxos Records. April 2022


The Strength of Diversity (Don't Marry Your Cousin): for alto saxophone, narrator, bass trombone, and electric guitar. Gene Pritsker: Bandcamp. October 2020.

Silence is Violence: for alto saxophone, electric guitar, bass, and drum kit. Gene Pritsker: Bandcamp. September 2020.


Cherry Blossoms Again: for alto saxophone, vibraphone, piano, haegeum, and gayageum. Carrotwood Records. May 2019.


Powerhouse Passacaglia: a Fantasy Homage on "Powerhouse." For alto and soprano saxophones, drums, and piano. Carrotwood Records. December 2018.

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Gratitude: for alto and tenor saxophones, drums, piano, and voice. Carrotwood Records. June 2018.

Alto in Violet: for solo alto saxophone,. Carrotwood Records. June 2017.

Invisible Aerial Rollercoaster: for alto saxophone, flute, and euphonium. Carrotwood Records. June 2017.

SWARMIUS III: Full Album featuring 11 original compositions by the SWARMIUS Ensemble. Carrotwood Records. January 2017.

Suite Noir, Op.63: SWARMIUS Ensemble with Orchestra. Carrotwood Records. September 2016.

Pacific 565: for Alto and Soprano Saxophone, Harp, Percussion, Electric Guitar and Electronics. Carrotwood Records. August 2014.

Dragon: for Alto Saxophone, Violin, Percussion and Electronics. Carrotwood Records. October 2013. 

SWARMIUS in Starlight: Acoustic album of 3 original works for Alto and Soprano saxophone, Harp, and Percussion. Carrotwood Records. December 2013.

SWARMIUS Presents: SAXIMUS. Solo album featuring music by Joseph Waters, Lili Boulanger, and Craig Walsh. Carrotwood Records. September 2012.

SWARMIUS II - Also Normal: Full Album featuring 5 original compositions by the SWARMIUS Ensemble. Carrotwood Records. March 2010.

SWARMIUS: Debut Album featuring 5 original compositions by the SWARMIUS Ensemble. Carrotwood Records. January 2008.

Eastman Wind Ensemble at 50: Alto Saxophonist performing works by Kurt Weill and George Gershwin. Warner Bros. Records. June 2004.

Triple Quartet: Alto Saxophonist performing Steve Reich's "Music for a Large Ensemble." Nonesuch Records. October 2001.

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