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Albums (available on Apple Music,, CDBaby, and others)

Unconditional (Original music by Joseph Waters. Featuring Rudy Alexander Giron, voice; Antonina Styczén, flute; Todd Rewoldt, saxophone; and Geoffrey Burleson, piano). Carrotwood Records. March 2023.


Duets for the End of The World. Full-length album featuring pandemic-inspired originals for alto saxophone and electric guitar. Naxos Records. April 2022


The Strength of Diversity (Don't Marry Your Cousin): for alto saxophone, narrator, bass trombone, and electric guitar. Gene Pritsker: Bandcamp. October 2020.

Silence is Violence: for alto saxophone, electric guitar, bass, and drum kit. Gene Pritsker: Bandcamp. September 2020.


Cherry Blossoms Again: for alto saxophone, vibraphone, piano, haegeum, and gayageum. Carrotwood Records. May 2019.


Powerhouse Passacaglia: a Fantasy Homage on "Powerhouse." For alto and soprano saxophones, drums, and piano. Carrotwood Records. December 2018.

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Gratitude: for alto and tenor saxophones, drums, piano, and voice. Carrotwood Records. June 2018.

Alto in Violet: for solo alto saxophone,. Carrotwood Records. June 2017.

Invisible Aerial Rollercoaster: for alto saxophone, flute, and euphonium. Carrotwood Records. June 2017.

SWARMIUS III: Full Album featuring 11 original compositions by the SWARMIUS Ensemble. Carrotwood Records. January 2017.

Suite Noir, Op.63: SWARMIUS Ensemble with Orchestra. Carrotwood Records. September 2016.

Pacific 565: for Alto and Soprano Saxophone, Harp, Percussion, Electric Guitar and Electronics. Carrotwood Records. August 2014.

Dragon: for Alto Saxophone, Violin, Percussion and Electronics. Carrotwood Records. October 2013. 

SWARMIUS in Starlight: Acoustic album of 3 original works for Alto and Soprano saxophone, Harp, and Percussion. Carrotwood Records. December 2013.

SWARMIUS Presents: SAXIMUS. Solo album featuring music by Joseph Waters, Lili Boulanger, and Craig Walsh. Carrotwood Records. September 2012.

SWARMIUS II - Also Normal: Full Album featuring 5 original compositions by the SWARMIUS Ensemble. Carrotwood Records. March 2010.

SWARMIUS: Debut Album featuring 5 original compositions by the SWARMIUS Ensemble. Carrotwood Records. January 2008.

Eastman Wind Ensemble at 50: Alto Saxophonist performing works by Kurt Weill and George Gershwin. Warner Bros. Records. June 2004.

Triple Quartet: Alto Saxophonist performing Steve Reich's "Music for a Large Ensemble." Nonesuch Records. October 2001.

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