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Review of the NWEAMO 2024 Concert at St. Paul's Cathedral, San Diego (1/25/2024) here


Ken Herman's review of Pictures at an Exhibition with the San Diego Symphony (6/24/2022) here


Ken Herman's review of our performances during the 24th annual NWEAMO Festival in San Diego (4/29/2022) here

New York City's "No Scene Unheard" Review of our Kostabi World Downtown concert (10/20/21) here


Read Sean Piccoli's "New York Classical Review" of SWARMIUS at The Cutting Room here

...the soloist floats quivering, sensuous themes ornamented by smooth, rapid trills in his instrument’s highest range, and the section in which these themes are entwined with piano arpeggios and feathery celesta motifs proved most enchanting...Rewoldt made this tailor-made solo soar.

—Ken Herman, San Diego Story

...Rewoldt crooning sweet, sustained themes saturated in his most seductive exhilarating experience in the hands of such polished performers.

—Ken Herman, San Diego Story

Some of the most brilliant, eclectic, vibrant music I have heard in 39 years of presenting music in every conceivable genre (and quite a few inconceivable ones). Challenging yet accessible, thrilling yet comfortable, like trying on a shirt two sizes too big that suddenly, miraculously, fits. Never knew it was so easy to grow - wonderful!

—Robin Hirsch, Owner, CORNELIA STREET CAFÉ, Greenwich Village, New York City

Read Dave Good's review of altissimo study with SAXIMUS here

...West Side Story drama meets Metallica and Stravinsky with the dual soloists throwing fireballs at each other while the old drum roll from the Surfaris' 1962 hit Wipeout riffed in the background.

—Dave Good, San Diego Reader

Swarmius opened the concert with Waters’ “Cornelia Street,” a toccata of manic counterpoint and dizzying fugal artistry that featured Todd Rewoldt’s blazing alto sax volleys...

—Ken Herman, San Diego Story

The results are rather marvelous. SWARMIUS respects no rules about what goes with what. And that is most refreshing.

—Grego Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review

[SWARMIUS] is Moby gone over to a dark side, where Yoko Ono is the Dungeon Master and Brian Eno keeps score. 

—The San Diego Reader

Rewoldt...convinced the audience that the saxophone is something much more than a jazz instrument and that when played by a true master can be the aesthetic equal in beauty and tone to other classical instruments.

—Rob Klevan, Performing Arts Monterey Bay

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