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Brad Nash, Tenor Saxophone
Ben Sorrell, Alto Saxophone
Michael Couper, Soprano Saxophone
Todd Rewoldt, Baritone Saxophone


Four virtuosos saxophonists, from Los Angeles and San Diego, have combined forces to form an exciting new quartet: S-TET


Saxophone. SoCal. Sophisticated. Sensual.


S-TET is a reflection of the urban landscapes and sound foundation that characterize two of southern California’s most artistic cities. Its members, Michael Couper (soprano), Ben Sorrell (Alto), Brad Nash (tenor), and Todd Rewoldt (baritone) are all soloists and chamber musicians focused on one common goal: to perform great chamber music at the highest level.


Armed with virtuoso technique, musicality, and showmanship, each saxophonist of S-TET brings with him a diverse musical background and influences that merge to create uniquely inspired performances of music with beauty, edge, and refinement.

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